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hebei shenghua moving ahead with technological innovations
source: date: 2012-11-29
the hebei shenghua chemical industry co has seen some progress in its technological innovations, with an accompanying increase in the number of brands, improved product quality, adjusted product structure, and new product development in relation to changing market demand. hebei shenghua has developed product series that have done well in recent years, and have helped give its image new vitality. its xuehuan pvc resin products, for example, come in three series and shenghua caustic soda products in six different types.

the company has also increased its production technology through increased investment and has spent some 80 million yuan ($12.84 million) on shenghua and xuehuan brand products, in recent years, to improve quality. it has introduced 19 new forms of technology, four of which have earned a first place award nationally, and 13 that have won national, provincial, or ministerial scientific and technological awards.

its xuehuan spherical pvc resin with high density is a new national product, which has passed a number of tests and has taken third place in the national scientific and technological progress awards. its loose, sanitary-grade, and medical-grade pvc resins have taken third place in the hebei provincial quality product and sci-tech progress awards, and its spherical sg5—pvc, and -p-2500 and -p-4000 hpvc resins have won hebei new high-tech product awards.

the company has applied the 16-module erp system, a dcs, video surveillance system, database system, and an oa system for all processes, which have helped in reaching the company’s goal of integrating management and controls. it has seen some breakthroughs in making the equipment and techniques more varied, the technologies more advanced, and the product performance more professional, and has become a completely new company through informatization and transformation of its traditional sectors. for example, its technology center is recognized as a provincial center and the company has become a post-doctorate scientific research work center and a provincial chlor-alkali engineering and technology research center. it has made ipr protection an important part of its scientific and technological innovations along with getting its own patents.

the company holds eight national invention patents for energy-saving pvc drying technology by suspension, high-impact-grade arc-vc resin production methods, and hollow blocking of cement with calcium carbide. it has four national patents for producing liquid barium chloride with low-grade witherite, and it is filing national invention patent applications for seven production methods, such as polyvinyl chloride resin for chlorination. these efforts to get legal protection of scientific and technological developments by applying for patents play an important role in improving its influence and brand recognition and increasing its market share. hebei shenghua believes that scientific and technological innovations mean economic growth and that the company has improved its methods for the practical application of research results.
its national prize-winning high-impact special-grade composite resin, developed over a four-year period, can replace imported top pvc and polypropylene products, and can be used in pipes, profilers, valves, manhole covers, containers, pallets, home appliances, accessories, or automobile bumpers. it plays an active role in promoting the development of high-quality hard pvc products and transforming the domestic pv market from a common one to a more mature one, with special use products. the high-impact special-grade composite resin products, such as manhole covers, cargo trays and packaging barrels are in the market and have become popular items.
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