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safety in production: honghe addresses water shortage problems
source: chc date: 2011-11-18
as a large chemical company, haohua honghe, on average, consumes 14,000 tons of water daily. to make sure that its operations remain normal in the face of water shortages, it has developed six approaches: first, try to avoid using high quality or desalinated water; second, increase the amount of condensed water recycled and use it as an efficiency reward; third, only use industrial water as the cooling water; fourth, use industrial water or recycled water in public toilets; fifth, use different time periods for public bathrooms; and sixth, add some river water to high quality water. to make sure that these measures are applied, the company’s dispatch center has set up an inspection team to closely inspect water-consuming units regularly.

these water-saving measures have been applied gradually and the results have been significant, with more than 2,000 tons of desalinated water save daily, or 14.28 percent of the company’s total water consumption.

the company has also worked out contingency plans and has negotiated with the zigong municipal government in trying to mind more water sources. it has decided to draw water from the changhu reservoir in the near future.

also, haohua honghe is asking all employees to respond to the company’s call to save water to ensure robust production and to hit the growth target. (by wu ling and yin yujia)
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