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advanced materials summit to open in tianjin
source: china national chemical corporation date: 2008-10-09

the 2nd international advanced materials (tianjin) summit will be held between october 30 and november 1 at the binhai new area, tianjin, bringing together the global elite of the chemical-based advanced materials industry.

co-organized by the tianjin municipal people's government, china national chemical corp (chemchina), dechema - germany's society for chemical engineering and biotechnology - and morgan stanley, the summit provides a forum for the shared interests of government, enterprises, industry organizations and investors, with focuses on opportunity and responsibility.

the forum is also strongly supported by government ministries and industry organizations such as the national development and reform commission, the ministry of science and technology, and the china petroleum and chemical industry association.

leaders from top multinational companies including dsm, dow, basf, celanese ag and bayer will participate in the summit. managers from five top-ranked chinese petrochemical corporations - china petrochemical corp, china national offshore oil corporation (cnooc) and chemchina will also attend the summit.

government leaders, top scientists and experts, and enterprise decision-makers will discuss the latest trends in science and technology development and opportunities in the advanced materials industry as well as corporate social responsibility.

organizers said the summit will deepen communication between government and enterprises so that enterprises can learn policy trends and the voices of businesses can be heard by the government. domestic and foreign companies will share information on their challenges and achievements to strengthen mutual learning and extend full cooperation.

the summit will also host technology forums on composite materials and aerospace, chemical industry materials and lightweight automotive materials, and membrane materials, water resources and environmental materials.

rapid development

with the rapid development in recent years in aviation, aerospace, automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, construction and public utilities, industry insiders say the advanced materials industry has entered its golden age of development.

this year has been particularly noteworthy for china as it officially began its jumbo aircraft project, launched the shenzhou vii spacecraft and completed construction of the bird's nest and water cube, all of which show the importance of advanced materials as a force in science and technology development.

materials science is the basis and pioneering power in the development to many sectors of modern industry, providing strong technical functions to support national economy and industrial development. since china entered the era of reform and opening to the outside world, research, development and industrialization of advanced materials have been emphasized by the chinese government.

in the past 10 years, the government has invested more than 3 billion yuan to finance a series of projects, including key state laboratories, national research centers and important scientific projects.

china has organized and undertaken hundreds of hi-tech industrializing efforts for advanced materials and made breakthroughs in research and development, setting records in improvements, and yielding an industry value of over 550 billion yuan.


yet china still faces problems in the development of the advanced materials industry, said fan xiaosen, deputy general manager of chemchina. while many advanced, high-performance and composite materials rely on imports, domestic research institutions mainly work on product research, but pay less attention to the application of these products.

as the world's manufacturing center shifts to the asia-pacific region, china is home to an increasing number of manufacturing bases and world r&d centers of well-known companies that provide opportunities for sustainable long-term economic development.

with the improved standard of living and the promotion of key national projects, needs for great quantities of high-quality advanced materials has intensified.

chemchina is a large state-owned group that includes china national bluestar corp, china national haohua chemical corp and other companies affiliated with the former ministry of chemical industry.

headquartered in beijing, chemchina was formed in 2004 and is administered by the state assets supervision and administration commission.

as one of the top domestic chemical groups in the country, its wide range of activities includes scientific and technological development, engineering design, production and operation and domestic and foreign trade.

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