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official new website of chemchina goes online
source: china national chemical corporation date: 2010-03-23

the new official website of china national chemical corporation (chemchina) went online on march 17, making great breakthroughs in terms of the site’s design, content and organization. it will serve as chemchina's new name card to the world with its elegant design and rich content.

the new website includes eight new sections: "press center," which reports company news, "products & services," which gives information on all chemchina products, "responsible care," which highlights some of chemchina’s work for the community, "international business," which provides information on its overseas business, and "innovation," which reports on the latest progress of chemchina’s r&d.


to improve the international image of chinese enterprises, chemchina first cooperates with china daily, a national english-language newspaper with nearly 30 years’ experience in international communication. this cooperation is believed to be extremely helpful to large state-owned enterprises on the way to internationalization.

the new official website showcases a number of pictures, which revitalize the traditional image of the chemical industry, depicting a close connection between chemicals and life. for instance, comics in the "chemicals & life" section use humor to explain information about chemicals in an enjoyable way.

in the president’s "mission statement," ren jianxin says: "in the pursuit of growing our business, we have been exploring sustainable development and making a positive commitment to social responsibility." for this purpose, the new website includes a new "responsible care" section, introducing the bluestar summer camp and children’s painting exhibition. it not only shows children’s colorful paintings but also efforts to spread awareness about the environment by chemchina, the leading pioneer in china’s chemical industry.

the new official website of chemchina is offered in three languages – chinese, english, and french. it will be an international portal for information on this multinational chinese enterprise – chemchina.


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