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chenguang institute makes "top 500 china chemical industry" list for 2011
source: chc date: 2011-10-12

the china chemical enterprise management association (ccema) and china chemical industry information association (cciia) recently held a press conference on the “top 500 china chemical industry” for 2011 at zhangjiakou city, where the names of the top 500 chinese chemical enterprises of 2011 were named, along with the most promising listed enterprises in china’s chemical industry. they also announced the establishment of a “top 100 listed enterprises” list and a “most promising listed enterprises in the chinese chemical industry” list. the chc chenguang chemical research institute came in at 400th on the top 500 chinese chemical enterprise list.

in recent years, the institute has continued on a scientific development and scientific innovation path, and has promoted competitiveness among enterprises. it endeavors to improve management innovation and management efficiency, as well as sale innovation, while consolidating domestic and foreign markets and increasing the industry’s influence. staff members, under the guidance of the lead team, headed by its president, li jia, have made a great effort to overcome all hardships and create a prosperous environment. they check the most advanced international practices, implement organizational reforms, improve the industrial process, and push informationization.

they also firmly push the industrialization process and try to introduce developmental advantages through innovation. staff members are actively trying to build a national organic fluorine enterprise technology center and national organic fluorine materials laboratory, as well as an innovation center for enterprises. they consider establishing a chinese chemical industry -- haohua fluroine chemical industry scientific chemical industry park to be their core task and have set out to create a first-rate fluorine chemical enterprise at the international level, whose products are economically and socially valuable, resource saving, environmentally friendly, and safe, while sticking to an upward path.

both output and sales of the research institute for 2010 went beyond the one billion yuan limit and made a historical breakthrough for the perfect ending of the 11th five-year plan. the institute hopes to continue with its excellent results with a united effort.

from january to august, 2011, total output increased 120.2 percent over that of previous year. new product output was up 145.3 percent, while new product sales were up 90.6 percent. production and sales both rose 99.6 percent. export revenues increased 96.9 percent and the profits, 299 percent. these clearly show a positive situation and momentum in development.

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