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haohua honghe gets the ‘quality and integrity’ title for chinese enterprises
source: date: 2012-09-18
the china entry-exit inspection and quarantine association (ciqa) announced the 2012 winners of the “quality and integrity” award for chinese enterprises, on sept 1, with haohua honghe chemical co joining the list, thanks to its quality management and outstanding export performance.

overall, honghe’s output was more than 260 tons of its lead products, which are widely used in light industry and the chemical, aerospace, aviation, electronics, medicine, textile, construction material, petroleum, automobile, and machinery industries, and are best-sellers on the domestic market. they are also exported to at least 20 countries and regions in europe, asia, the americas, and australia.

in recent years, the company has set up a quality management system in accordance with is09001 standards, covering everything, from market research, product development, and raw material procurement to processing, quality control, and marketing and services. it has national laboratory accreditation, which signifies effective operation of the quality management system and product quality, and export product quality.

the company pays a lot of attention to its raw materials, quality control, and responsibility, and to management quality. this has helped ensure and improve product and packaging quality, to give us a 100-percent pass rate for products, and 100-percent pass rate for product inspection by the quality supervision departments. the company has a diverse product mix and different quality strategies to meet customer demand and needs over the long-term.

haohua hongh is the only one of china’s combined alkali companies with two manufacturing systems for both alkali and chlor-alkali, and it can take full advantage of the two production units to obtain a balance and better utilization of resources.

thanks to help from the provincial technology center and post-doc research facilities, the company’s manufacturing of combined alkali is in the lead internationally and it has many inventions and patents. the chlor-alkali technology has been used for a continuous, closed-circuit dynamic production unit that plays a leading role in the industry and promotes progress.

haohua honghe introduced the concept of global production, global chemical practices, continued improvement, best operations, and uses a continued-improvement methodology, with lean six sigma for innovative management and improved operations.

the company focuses on its customers, does a regular study of customer satisfaction, and considers the pursuit of excellence and meeting customer expectations its true goal. and it can gather customer feedback and information on a timely basis through its complete after-sales service system that deals with customer complaints, customers feedback, and service assessments, to provide a foundation for continued improvement. in recent years, the customers’ opinions have all been dealt with appropriately and the customer satisfaction rate has maintained a level of 90 percent.
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