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southwest institute conducts 2017 sci-tech month activities
source: china haohua chemical (group) corporation date: 2017-07-19

(correspondent: liu danfeng) on july 18, 2017 sci-tech month activities was launched by the youth league committee, personnel department, science and technology planning department, research management department, and commerce department of southwest institute. the first lecture titled (application) material writing practice for science and technology projects attracted more than 60 staff members from research departments, and engineering development, business and management teams to participate in sharing and discuss.

these activities themed “sharing and growing under the guide of innovation” were designed to fully stimulate the leading role of technological innovation and market control in promoting the industrial upgrading of the company, share experience and methods, and pool our wisdom to grow together. from july 18 to august 15, the theme sharing and discussion activities would be launched, including the analysis of shared professional experience and discussion on difficult problems, analyses and prospects for chemical market, business english and other multi-subject activities.

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