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lrici “smart manufacturing” attends the asia (thailand) international polyurethane exhibition
source: china haohua chemical (group) corporation date: 2017-07-18

(correspondents: zhang yunzhong wang yue) recently, the second asia (thailand) international polyurethane exhibition was held in bangkok, thailand. yang maoliang, president of china polyurethane industry association and general manager of liming research institute of chemical industry (lrici), together with members of the association and lrici, attended the exhibition.

during the exhibition, lrici’s polyurethane products attracted great attention from relevant industries at home and abroad, and its high-end vehicle polyurethane mixed components and elastic materials became star products. at the exhibition, lrici made great achievements, received over 100 visitors, reached intentions for cooperation with 25 companies and gained many other business opportunities.

through in-depth communications with visitors, lrici’s personnel at the exhibition gained a better understanding of the trend of the polyurethane market in southeast asia. at the summary meeting after the exhibition, they made a plan on exploring the polyurethane market of southeast asia. everybody considered that lrici shall not only build up its internal strength but also take bold steps to go global, analyze market information in an appropriate way, take targeted steps to explore the market, take advantage of every international exhibition, fully show the innovation capability and technical level, and improve the visibility of its polyurethane products.

it is learnt that asia (thailand) international polyurethane exhibition, as southeast asia’s only international exhibition that focuses on polyurethane, showcases state-of-the-art polyurethane technologies and products. the exhibition attracted more than 150 famous companies in asian countries and regions including china, japan, malaysia, india, south korea, taiwan and singapore, etc.

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