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north institute and transfar to form joint special coatings lab
source: china haohua chemical group co., ltd. date: 2016-12-20

(correspondent: liu qi) days ago, north paint & coatings industry research and design institute (“north institute”) signed a contract on strategic cooperation with zhejiang transfar paint co., ltd. in hangzhou. the signing ceremony attracted nearly 300 guests including representatives of coating and paint companies, engineers, specialists, government officials and representatives of member units and outstanding suppliers of zhejiang coatings industry association.

deputy general manager meng junfeng of the north institute and general manager yang zhijian of transfar paint signed the contract on behalf of their respective company. following the contract signing, the two inaugurated the joint special coatings lab.

the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is a useful attempt made by the north institute to accelerate lateral technological cooperation and seek further scientific and technological advancement. the partnership will allow both parties to capitalize on their complementary advantages and share technologies, to benefit the whole industrial chain with the latest technologies, and to promote technological advancement with special coatings in china and the leapfrog development of the coatings industry.

transfar is one of the top 500 private companies in china and its subsidiary transfar paint was rated an outstanding private company for the 12th five-year plan period, in addition to being a vice-president unit of china national coatings industry association and a national high-tech company. it’s competitive in the research and development as well as application of paint and coating technologies, coating process and cutting-edge technologies.

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