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heilongjiang chemical group (share-holding) co., ltd. promotes clean production for energy saving and environmental protection
source: date: 2011-11-07

the heilongjiang chemical group (share-holding) co, ltd proposed improvements for problem areas discovered recently and came up with a proposal that reduces the generation of waste substances and pollutant emissions through improved technologies and processes, and management, and by applying energy-saving, reduced-consumption measures, along with new technology and advanced equipment, which will lead to energy saving and environmental protection.

the company established a security and environmental protection department and integrated various sections to establish an environmental protection workshop. this will implement environmental protection rules, and adhere to the principle of both prevention and management, with emphasis on prevention, to make “the old teach the new and increase production without increasing pollutants” with more effective management and advanced technology.

the company implemented proposals on no, or low, waste during the clean production process, which included stricter management of raw materials, increased maintenance of equipment, establishing a complete production and management system, increased on-the-job training, and cleaner production education, energy saving, and reduced waste.
the chlor-alkali workshop improved its potential and made better use of existing facilities to make sure that regenerating waste water would meet environmental protection requirements by adding a small amount of acid instead of alkali and reclaiming the salt water for reutilization. this technological reform indirectly reduced the waste water with salt emissions by 190,000 tons and brought benefits of 2,699,000 yuan per year.

the heilongjiang chemical group co, ltd followed a principle of “checking, proposing, implementing and modifying the proposal at the same time” in looking for ways to deal with projects with little investment and difficulties and problems that can be solved in a short time. improvements to a reclaimed waste water project of the new waste water station, in the environmental protection workshop, took the reclaimed waste water generated in production and general usage as added water of recycled water to increase the recovery rate and reduce consumption of fresh water, for greater water conservation and zero emissions.

the engine house made use of its old pipes for discharge pipes into a of 75-ton sweet-water boiler tank and reclaimed 38,880 tons of condensed water in the first half of the year which brought 186,624 yuan in benefits. the 75-ton fluidized-bed combustion boiler burned the coal mixed with lime-ash generated by a 35-ton boiler (the coal to lime-ash ratio is 5:1) to ensure the heat, reduce coal consumption reduce waste emission. the mixed lime-ash in summer amounts to 45 tons, and in winter, 62 tons, which means 2.6 million yuan in benefits annually. these measures control waste production, reduce end-of-pipe management costs, and lessen the pressure to treat pollutants and improve the environmental and economic efficiency. (jiang zhongli and meng chao)

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