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buct experts visit liming institute
source: china haohua chemical group co., ltd. date: 2016-11-27

(correspondents: zhang yunzhong, jiang ning) from november 24 to 26, party secretary of the faculty of science, beijing university of chemical technology (buct), professor li dianqing led a delegation, composed of professor nie jun, professor sun xiaoming, professor feng yongjun, professor jiang zhiguo, and director shu xin, all from either the faculty of science or the college of materials science and engineering, to visit the liming research institute of chemical industry (“liming institute”).

the buct experts visited the exhibition hall of the liming institute, inquired about its development history, business scope and advantages, visited relevant r&d labs and analysis & testing platforms, took part in the symposium, and had talks over future cooperation with buct.

the symposium, a highlight of this trip, was warmly received by the researchers in liming institute, drawing over 40 participants from it, including executives, the chief engineer and frontline researchers in related fields. at the symposium, buct experts shared their insights concerning the technological background, the current scene of technological development, the latest research findings, and technological prospects in related majors and fields with the audience.

what’s more, liming institute and the buct delegation held in-depth discussion over how to strengthen academic exchange, talent recruitment, and commercialization of research results and reached a preliminary cooperation framework agreement.

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