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liming institute launches marketing competition
source: china haohua chemical (group) corporation date: 2017-03-14

(correspondent: zhang yunzhong) recently, liming institute decided to launch a company-based marketing competition titled "go all out in the next 100 days to make a good start”. to this end, it published the plan in written form and held a mobilization meeting.

liming institute identified the theme of the marketing contest: optimizing the customer structure, refining the marketing management and developing scientific marketing strategies to enhance profit margin and make a good kick-off in the first quarter. during the competition, it has striven to achieve the sales revenue of rmb 217 million and the profit of rmb 16 million, with the dual increase of revenue and profit by more than 15%.

to better develop the contest, liming institute set up a leadership team and an office and assigned duties to the team and office. it proposes to conduct exchanges on marketing experience, refine and assess activity objectives, effects and performance evaluation, and to summarize the marketing activity and commend outstanding employees and departments.

through the study and judgment of market environment and trend, liming institute proposes to promote the development of modern marketing management system and effectively improve the marketing management by launching a marketing competition titled "go all out in the next 100 days to make a good start”; it will bring the leading role in sales into full play, mobilize more resources to carry out marketing work, create a marketing atmosphere for all employees, and keep promoting the marketing work.

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