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zhonghao chenguang research institute wins national outstanding patent award
source: china haohua chemical (group) corporation date: 2017-01-03

 (reported by guan qi) the state intellectual property office (sipo) officially released the decision on the 18th china patent awards recently. the patent of “a method for preparing ptfe fine powder” invented by zhonghao chenguang research institute of chemical industry wins “national outstanding patent award”.

the invention has resolved the long-term technical difficulty that home-made ptfe resin cannot be satisfactorily used in micro-porous membranes, fiber cotton and some other high-end fields. the ptfe fine powder prepared using the patented method is characterized by simple production process, good operability and reproducibility, stable product quality, and wide application scope, reaching the technical level of similar foreign products. the patent has been successfully applied to industrial production, and large quantities of the products manufactured using the method are exported to the united states, the middle east, singapore, indonesia and other places of the world, bringing about obvious social and economic benefits.

according to the sipo decision, the 18th china patent award consists of “china patent gold award”, which is granted to 20 patents; “china industrial design gold award”, which is conferred to 5 patents; “china patent excellence award”, which is awarded to 568 patents; and “china industrial design excellence award”, which is given to 65 patents.

   earlier, the above-mentioned patent of zhonghao chenguang research institute had already won the 2016 chemchina award for outstanding patents, and the institute had been granted the “chemchina advanced enterprise award for patent development” and “chemchina advanced enterprise award for overseas patent application”.

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