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haohua yu hang concentrates on business management and market development
source: date: 2011-12-01

haohua yuhang chemical co., ltd. overcomes such negative factors as price inflation of raw material, product price declining and more difficulty in sale, taking active and effective measures to avoid business risks and achieving fairly good economic benefits. from january to july this year, it realizes the sales proceeds of rmb2.12 billion, taxes of rmb160 million and profits of rmb 95.31 million, increasing by 41%, 32.2% and 45% respectively compared with the same period of last year.

since the beginning of this year, with the national macropolicy’s implement, the rapid expansion of the chlorine alkali manufacturing enterprises scale, the market circumstances change greatly and the competition becomes more keen. the price of main raw materials keeps rising. in the first half of this year, average price of the calcium carbide increases by 530 yuan compared with the same period of last year, more cost of rmb28 million is needed. meanwhile, because china changes the equal distribution of generation indices and adopts the control of energy saving and environmental protection, the regular production is influenced. due to these negative factors, haohua yuhang, paying close attention to business management and market access, reduces commercial risks and achieves basically the shift from coping with the market to controlling the market.

the corp is critical to the production regulation and guarantees the balance and stability of production. according to the market, it arranges the reasonable time for type conversion of pvc and the percentage of high and low alkali output, and full load operation of ion film caustic soda with better profit., making timely adjustment of the ion film caustic soda output in line with the sales, the corp makes more products with high profit and limits the production of capital preservation products. in this way, it improves economic performance and minimizes the amount of loss. moreover, it is strict with manufacturing rule and production target control, adopting the method of inspection and selection check by the branch factory, branch company and head office, strengthening the inspection of manufacturing discipline, solving the instability of handicraft index in time so as to make handicraft index yield reach 99.82%. with strengthening the quality control of entire producing process, carrying out quality upgrading, the corp has accomplished 7 transformation including the adjustment of polymerization formula, etc. and developted the p-2500 resins with high polymerization degree, which has establish a basis for increasing benefits.

the corp reinforces the pre-control of cost and reduces the consumption by the following measures: making regular analysis of economic operation and cost; forecasting the cost every five days and analyzing every ten days in order to solve the problems resulting in the cost rising and keep the cost stable with a slight decline; carrying out the energy saving and consumption reducing and target hitting activity on a high-level and all-directional level, taking the beat consumption and manufacturing index of last year as the lowest index assessed this year, evaluating the added value after achieving the profit target, taking regular check, strict assessment and a system of reward and punishment to ensure the energy saving and consumption reducing. the first 7 months this year, the total cost reduces by more than rmb4 million, realizing the value of saving energy and reducing consumption of rmb 4.38 million, the energy consumption per 10 thousand yuan gross output falling to 1.47 tce. the indexes of pvc calcium carbide consumption per unit product, caustic soda commutation electricity consumption per unit product, coal consumption per degree of electricity and per ton of gas occupy the advanced position in chemical industry. 11 indexes including direct current consumption per unit product are better than the corresponding period of last year.

the corp has broadened the marketing channels and improved the economic benefits: collecting regularly the state macro-economic policy and information of chlorine alkali industry and competitor; analyzing the marketing trend and making decision in advance to win the preemptive opportunity of market. in january this year, estimating the price of pvc may drop in february, the corp sold 4,000 tons of pvc in advance, increasing benefits of rmb0.4 million. meanwhile, haohua assignes special person to develop new consumers , including some domestic high-end consumers such as dalian shide , hebei baoshuo, the southern asia plastic, etc. relying on the advantages of trade companies in beijing, shanghai, haohus consolidates the markets of east china, south china and north china, giving full play to the area advantage and brand advantage, and the market share is raised. from january to july, 0.106 million tons of pvc have been sold, 6,532.5 tons,exported, and $5.0144 million has been earned.

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