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chenguang research institute held the first advocate training class
advocates play a key role in continuously improving six sigma management by initiating and supporting the black and green belt projects. usually strategically planning the overall work, they distribute the resources, determine the targets, monitor the whole process and assume overall responsibility for the entire six sigma.

attaching importance to continuous improvement, the leadership of zhonghao chenguang research institute of chemical industry has adopted the “going out and bringing in” strategy for related training programs. president li jia has gone to chemchina twice for the green belt training and a large group of comrades have been sent successively to in belt-level training programs. during june 18-20, chenguang institute invited mr. sun xuqun, deputy ceo of bmgi for the greater china region, senior black belt master of lean six sigma (lss) and project supervisor of world-class manufacturing/continuous improvement (wcm/ci) in haohua, to give the advocates a three-day training program.

president li jia, party secretary wang jiagui, and over 30 middle managers from production units and management departments were trained in five groups on the general work of wcm/ci of haohua company in 2011, the contents, framework and project features of the lss theory as a whole, the responsibilities of the staff in the lss system and the tasks of the advocates, the methods to lead the organization to select the topic of lss through unfolding key performance indicator (kpi), the significance of revolution, the keys to effective mastery of revolution, and methods of acquiring related skills of disc to enhance team communication.

as the first group of advocates, the trainees felt duty-bound to gain a thorough understanding of the contents through active study and interaction. they said they would deliver what they had learnt to each post, unswervingly implement the resolutions of the institute for continuous improvement, master the progress of the projects, and ensure successful completion of the objectives. chenguang research institute now has one black belt, four green belts and ten yellow belts and has applied for continuously improving over 80 projects.
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