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haohua yuhang provides three beneficial services

haohua yuhang chemical co., ltd has solved over 160 problems for employees and users and built a harmonious atmosphere by launching a program in which organs serve grass roots units, cadres serve employees, and all staff serve customers.

since the beginning of this year, haohua yuhang, as all those specialized in chlor-alkali, has encountered unprecedented difficulties: pvc prices plummeted while the price of its raw materials skyrocketed. moreover, problems such as insufficient or slow service for grass roots departments, employees and customers have affected normal work and corporate image. to rapidly and efficiently address all problems raised by grass roots departments, employees and customers and to enhance the corporate cohesion, haohua yuhang’s party committee has organized the “three services” program so as to practically enhance service awareness and quality, jointly tackle various difficulties and take preemptive opportunities in the market.

organs serve grass roots units. located in jiaozuo and qinyang, the organs go to units at the grassroots level one or two times each week, collecting problems in production, operation, technical processes, and equipment through seminars and individual exchanges, working out specific solutions, and demanding these problems to be solved in a certain timeframe. since the program kicked off, 144 of 148 problems submitted by the grassroots units have been effectively settled, and the rest 4 are being solved.

cadres serve employees. putting employees first, the company has visited employees and settled their greatest concerns and difficulties.
for instance, the company now provides free meals for over 1200 employees who live far away from their plant; provides free physical checkup per year for workers at key posts and every two years for ordinary works; raises the attendance allowance from 12 yuan to 20 yuan each workday; does not lower salaries despite its falling profitability and rising prices; and organizes various cultural and sport activities in different regions to invigorate their cultural life. these moves have won the recognition and welcome from the employees.

all staff serve customers. since the beginning of this year, the company has strengthened pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services and provided technical guidance to the customers. zhejiang yonggao llc was a new customer and bought yuhan’s product in august 2011. to ensure the successful test, yuhang specially assigned engineers and technicians to participate in the whole series of experiment and mass use of its product and proposed reasonable suggestions, thus winning praises of the customer. since the program was launched, this company has settled 6 problems for the clients and achieved the objectives of no complaint about quality, no contract disputes and guaranteed sales, with both the rate of production and sales and the rate of capital recovery reaching 100%.

the “three services” program has changed the bureaucratic work style, unified the employees, and promoted production and operation. since the beginning of this year, this company has kept an over 80% production load while the whole industry has seen a merely 40% operating rate. from january to october, it has realized sales revenue of 3.047 billion yuan and a profit of 41.15 million yuan, respectively up 29% and 58 % year on year.

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