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research institutions

haohua holds many intellectual rights and has 36 engineering technical research centers (for example the chlor-alkali research center) and low temperature and special gas engineering research centers at the national, provincial, and department level.

the state-level technology engineering centers include liming research institute of chemical industry national reaction injection molding (rim) engineering research, and the chemical industry’s southwest research & design institute’s national c1 chemical center.

key state laboratories include the southwest research & design institute’s key industrial vent gas reuse lab and the marine chemicals research institute’s key state marine coatings lab.

its nationally recognized technology centers include zhonghao chenguang chemical research institute’s zhonghao chenguang chemical research institute technology center.

its national research promotion centers include the southwest research & design institute’s national center of psa separation engineering research & popularization.

haohua is competitive in its science and technology r & d and combines practice, academic study, and research in technological innovations. it also promotes international cooperation and exchanges with foreign research institutes and prominent multinationals in science and technology r & d to keep its leading position among chinese industries. through the use of advanced technology, experiments, and talented personnel, haohua is able to devote itself to a cooperative scientific r & d platform forpredominant industries and holds a number of intellectual property rights and has some top technological achievements, which lay a solid foundation for industrial development.

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