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r & d achievements

in the past three years, haohua has been given a number of provincial and ministry awards and has had various r & d achievements.

it has submitted 301 patent applications, had 64 scientific-technological achievements, and had 188 key science and technology programs approved. in 2011, it submitted 115 patent applications, with 85, out of 92, inventions approved and has had 21 scientific-technological achievements. of its projects, 65 have been approved and it has published around 300 academic papers.

its major scientific-technological achievements in recent years are as follows:

"psa separation technology" project that got the top state scientific and technological progress award and was included in a national scientific and technological achievements promotion. the technology can be used to recover and purify hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane from various gas mixtures, and remove hydrocarbons from natural gas, and produce enriched oxygen and pure nitrogen. the equipment has a capacity that ranges from several tens of cubic meters to hundreds of thousands.

"hydrogen peroxide production by anthraquinone" process, which is a major technical source of hydrogen peroxide in china, with a good reputation both at home and abroad, and which has been given a national science conference award.

technology that produces liquefied natural gas from coke oven gas and other raw materials.

"synthesis of dimethyl ether from syngas with a one-step, and two-step, method" that has been applied in dozens of cases across china.

6n purity electronic gas production techniques or specialty gases production techniques.

high-performance coating production techniques.

production techniques for organic fine chemicals, such as fluorescent brightener ob, and uv absorbers. 

a low-pressure methanol synthesis technique. 

synthesis of acetic acid with low pressure methanol carbonyl.

"support device for spatial network in large tower" process that has been submitted for international patent protection.

there are a number of pva r&d projects and research has been completed on five new types, of which, two have gone into trial production with industrial equipment.

a national patent promotion project on "developing new fluorine materials research and application for patent" for soft research has received official approval.

it completed 39 engineering design and consulting programs in 2011 and has taken first prize and third prize in the national excellent engineering consulting achievements awards for the chemical industry.

its "pfoa substitute"was named a key national new product for 2011.

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