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scientific management

haohua has established a scientific and technological management system with its subsidiaries to bring management innovations through scientific development based on the company’s actual situation. the company wants to approach management innovation from the perspective of the “twelfth five-year plan” and to set goals in conjunction with structural adjustments of its major businesses, based on the current r & d, income, industry and technology integration, and internal support situation, and the application of its achievements.

in its r & d, haohua is shifting from a decentralized, multi-disciplinary approach to a centralized one by focusing on chlor-alkali, c-1 chemistry, fluorine chemicals, phosphorus chemicals, fine chemicals, in-depth development of resources, extended industrial chains, energy-saving, emissions-reduction, integrated resource use, safety, and environmental protection. 

in innovation, it is increaseing spending to provide more opportunities and providing preferential policies, placing greater importance on common technology, and encouraging enterprises to develop more patented products, more achievements and more talented personnel. 

in industrial and technological integration, it emphasizes close cooperation between science and technology and research that focuses on major industries and r & d activities. it is also paying more attention to international technology in developing new products to meet market demand.

in internal support, haohua tries to make full use of its advantages and mutual support of scientific and technological enterprises and manufacturers through every form of cooperation and communication to increase the benefits.

in applying its achievements, it has decided that scientific and technological achievements will first be used internally and it has established an internal mechanism to maximize chemical industrial benefits.

in this respect, it has the appropriate management practices and operational mechanism.

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