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founded in 1958, the southwest research & design institute, known as the “southwest institute,” is one of the key r&d institutes directly under the former ministry of chemical industry that is engaged in scientific research, technological development, project design, project contracting, technological consultancy, information research, production and technology trade. in july 1999, it transformed from a public institution into a science and technology enterprise, becoming a subsidiary of china haohua chemical (group) corporation and identified by chengdu hi-tech development zone as a hi-tech enterprise. in january 2001, sichuan tianyi science & technology co., ltd., mainly sponsored by the southwest research & design institute of chemical design, which is listed on the shanghai stock exchange.

long engaged in the natural gas chemical industry, c1 chemistry, acetylene chemical industry, psa gas separation, special gases, technical and economic evaluation, information consultation and chemical project designing, the southwest institute is the supporting organization of national center of psa separation engineering research & popularization, and national c1 chemical engineering technology research center.

the southwest institute holds a certificate for engineering design certificate (grade a) and for engineering consultancy (grade a), the certificate of design for pressure vessels in categories i, ii, and iii, and the certificate of qualification for lump sum contracting, and the class b certificate of environment impact assessment. until now, it completed over 560 research projects, among which more than 220 projects won science & technology progress awards at the national, provincial or ministerial levels, 35 projects won national patents, and over 10 projects have yielded results at or above the internationally advanced level.

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