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founded on dec. 26, 1979, marine chemical research institute (former marine coatings research institute under the ministry of chemical industry) is a fully state-owned enterprise affiliated with china haohua chemical (group) corporation, mainly engaged in the research and development of marine anti-fouling coatings, heavy-duty anti-corrosive coatings, environmental coatings, functional materials, civil decorative coatings, adhesives and addition agents. with its r&d center, the quality inspection center, the information center, the pilot base and the production base (qingdao haijian chemical co., ltd.), the institute has become a hi-tech enterprise integrating research, production and operations, capable of producing 15,000 tons of various coatings each year.

in 2006, the institute was accredited by the economic and trade commission of shandong province as a provincial enterprise technology center, and cooperated with the institute of chemistry, chinese academy of sciences, to establish a joint laboratory of advanced polymer materials and conduct cooperation in the research and application of polymer materials. in june 2007, qingdao key laboratory of marine coating materials and functional materials was founded. ithe institute also holds the marine coatings quality test and supervision center of chemical industry, that owns advanced analyzing and testing equipment and won recognition from the state laboratory. the china classification society approved the verification of the laboratory of marine coatings, which is a third-party inspection institute that can independently supervise and examine coatings and raw materials.

covering an area of 148 mu and owning a comprehensive research building of 12,000 square meters and other supporting facilities, the institute has more than 170 employees, of which 70 percent are technicians. among them, them are 8 professors, 36 senior technicians and 44 intermediate ones.

since its founding, the institute, based on its research strength, has undertaken more than 100 projects including the state’s research projects of the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th five-year plan periods and provincial and municipal projects, won over 30 national, provincial and ministerial awards and registered 23 patents.

many years of results-to-products transformation, of several series of products have been formulated:

marine coatings for the whole ship: anti-corrosion, anti-fouling and decorative coatings;

industrial anti-corrosion coatings: anti-corrosion, heat insulation and fire-proof coatings used in petrochemical, power, construction and other industries, and decorative coatings, which include decorative paints of tv cabinets and paint for textile machines;

green coatings: water-based, high solid and solvent-free coatings;

functional coatings and materials: vibrations and noise-reducing damping coatings, sound-absorbing coatings, wave absorbing coatings, solid buoyancy materials, and spray polyurea elastomer materials;

civil decorative coatings: decorative paints for household electronic appliances, decorative paints for industrial machines, and high performance adhesives.

in 1998, the institute became the first research organization that passed the iso9001 certification, switched in 2001 from iso9001:1994 into iso9001:2000 and established the quality management system. in 2006, it was rated by qingdao enterprise reputation identification commission as an enterprise with a “aaa” (first class) reputation. it won the grade b confidentiality certificate and the license granted by costind to research and manufacture weapons and equipment, while improving its competitive edge. products of “haijian” brand and "laoren shi" brand have been widely-used in shipbuilding and industrial corrosion prevention. they enjoy wide acclaim from customers and it has been rated for many consecutive years by qingdao’s science and technology commission as a hi-tech enterprise, and owns import and export trading rights.

the 21st century is an era of the ocean, and marine chemical industry that constitutes an important direction of the nation’s scientific and technological development. the institute will maintain and expand its leading advantage in marine anti-fouling and anti-corrosion coatings, conduct research and development of related fields in the marine chemical industry and make significant contributions to china’s marine transportation, development of marine resources, marine-culture, and the prosperity and development of coastal marine economic zones.

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