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north paint & coatings industry research and design institute

north paint & coatings industry research and design institute, formerly known as the paint industry institute under the ministry of chemical industry, is china’s first research and development center of paints, pigments and additives. established in lanzhou in 1969, the paint industry institute was transformed into a science and technology enterprise in 1999.

over the past 30 years, the institute has committed itself to the development and research of new paint and pigment technologies and products and has become a science and technology enterprise with a wide range of products with strong technical expertise. since the founding, it completed more than 650 projects at the national, provincial or ministerial levels, among which 191 projects won national, provincial or ministerial awards. 70 percent of its scientific results have been applied to bring about better social and economic benefits. most projects are leading in china, and some have reached the world’s advanced levels. additionally, a number of institutions were set up in the institute, including the chemical industry (national) paint engineering center, special paint and pigment quality inspection center of chemical industry, national paint and coating technology training center, the paint information and technology center in midwest, fine chemical institute of gansu province and the pigment product quality supervision and inspection station of gansu province.

the northern institute employs 205 workers, including 5 professorial senior engineers, 32 senior engineers and 45 engineers and intermediate technicians. a research and development team was established with senior technicians as academic leaders and intermediate technicians as the driving force. along with the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, a group of experts has been developed who are capable of product research and development and familiar with marketing.

the institute has four functional departments - including the general office, the financial department, the research department and the general affairs division, and six independent secondary companies including northern paint corporation, northern kerui corporation, northern coating corporation, information corporation, northern property corporation and chengdu huida corporation.

in the institute houses departments for special coating and the development institute of water-based paint, both are engaged in the research and development of key national, provincial and ministerial projects, military projects, and other fundamental projects; the such as the production line of military coatings for the defense industry; the analyzing and testing center has large and advanced equipment for pigment development and production; the library holds the most diverse collection of reading materials related to the industry, with over 60,000 domestic and foreign books and journals on paints and pigments; the information center provides modern information service for research and production in the industry, and publishes the journal, modern paint & coating both in china and abroad, which won second prize of outstanding journals of the china petroleum and chemical industry association and has held the annual national coating technology information and exchange conference for nine consecutive years. the institute is capable of developing and producing instruments and meters for the industry and paint detecting instruments. its visual colorimeters, transparency meters and other instruments are widely used in china’s paint industry.

since the beginning of national reforms in science and technology, the institute, has committed to seek an integration of science and technology for greater economic benefits, to speed up promotion, applications, and scientific industrialization. industrial base was set up with annual production capability of tens of thousands tons of high and mid-grade paints, coatings and additives. the production line of the new-type polyurethane curing agent with an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons was completed and put into operation since 2002. included in the national torch plan, it produces nationwide leading products along with brighter prospects.

the master’s of engineering program in lanzhou university of technology was set up in the institute for on-the-job training for postgraduates. approved by the china certification committee for quality mark, the institute passed the iso9001 and iso14000 systems and won the management innovation award from the committee. the institute is the first in west china to acquire a license for weapon research and production. one of the first organizations in gansu to win a grade b confidentiality certificate for military research and production. it passed the assessment and acceptance of the city’s safety supervision bureau and acquired a license for dangerous goods production and operations. the institute owns the grade b qualification of engineering consultancy for chemical industry, grade b qualification of design for chemical industry, and the design qualification for pressure vessels in categories i and ii.

the institute has maintained for many years the title of civilized unit from chengguan district; and the party committee of the institute has won the title of advanced grassroots party organization from the cpc committee of gansu province and the cpc committee of lanzhou.

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