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the hunan xiangwei co, ltd is a large enterprise producing chemicals, fiber and building materials, under direct administration of chemchina. it is a high-tech enterprise in hunan and is one of china’s top 50 chemical fiber enterprises and hunan province’s top 100 enterprises. it is located in the town of dajiangkou, in xupu county, next to the yuanjiang and xiangqian railway lines. highway308 passes by the factory, so the transportation is convenient.

the company, with hunan vinylon factory as its predecessor, was among the first manufacturers invested by the country to meet the national needs of three-line construction project. the originally company was built in 1971 and went into production in april 1979. in nov. 1996, its name was changed to the current name. in january 2007, after a reorganization, it joined the china national chemical engineering group corp. it has total assets of 800 million yuan and 2,900 employees, more than 600 of whom are technicians.

its main products and their annual productive capability are as follows: pva (4,500 tons), differential fiber -- vinylon short, water-solubility polyvinyl alcohol, and high-tenacity high-modulus polyvinyl alcohol (20,000 tons), calcium carbide (65,000 tons), vinyl acetate (95,000 tons), and cement (more than 200,000 tons). its products have good quality and are the domestic top level in the industry. they are sold well around china, some of them like the polyethylene resin and water solved polyvinyl alcohol fiber having entered the international market. its “v” brand polyvinyl alcohol is awarded “nation’s most satisfactory product” and the “hunan provincial famous brand product”. its “v” band water-solubility polyvinyl alcohol is awarded “hunan’s famous product” and “hunan’s famous export product”.

for more than 30 years, the company has followed the management principle of being human-oriented and a sustainable way of development, realizing a harmonious relationship among the enterprise with society, customers and employees and its coordinated development it won the honor of “national may day labor”, “national model home for employees”, “national advanced unit of resource comprehensive utilization”, “national greening model unit”, “national quality and efficient enterprise in textile industry”, “national ‘aaaa’ enterprise with standardized good behavior”, “hunan excellent enterprise”, and “hunan quality management ”.

in 2004, it was given the “china quality brand” award by the china quality association. that same year, it was given the honorary title of “national greening model unit” by the national greening committee, and hunan province’s contract-respecting and credit-keeping unit. the company also passes the certification of iso9001:2000 quality management system and iso14001:2004 environmental management system.

after it joined the china national chemical engineering group corp, xiangwei saw more and better development opportunities. its employees proudly hold up the “enhancing industrial development to serve the country” banner and have done their part to support the “unite and work in a pragmatic way, compete and strive for first class” xiangwei spirit. they have come up with a great five-year blueprint (through 2012), under the leadership and support of the corporation, to make pva polyvinylbutyral stronger and to develop products, such as differential fiber, of high technology content and high added value, while pushing forward brand building, showing people a brand new xiangwei with technology, management, brand, quality, and image advantages, and standing out from other enterprises.

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