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the heilongjiang chemical group co ltd is a large comprehensive enterprise that was established on nov 19, 1996 authorized by the provincial committee of economic restructuring. it was registered with the provincial industry and business administration on april 27, 1997.

it was originally built in 1958 as the heilongjiang chemical industry general factory. in 1970, its first coke oven went operational and in 1979, a second coke oven was installed. then, in 1983, its ammonium nitrate refining and processing machinery for coke tar and benzene went into operation. in 1998, urea 18.30 machinery was added. that same year, the no1 coke oven overhaul was completed. and, in 1997, it was reformed and given the name of heilongjiang chemical group co.. in 1998, the company was listed on the shanghai stock exchange and given its current name. this company is one of the top 10 enterprises to get provincial support and is an advanced heilongjiang exporter and significant foreign exchange earner for the city of qiqihar.

the company is located alongside the nen river, in qiqihar and covers a 1,005,000-square-meter area. its address is: 2 xiangyangdajie, fulaerji district, qiqihar.

its main products are coke(with an annual capacity of 750,000 tons) and its corresponding recovery products , coking tar and its refined products series (refined asphalt, carbolineum, industrial naphthalene, wash oil, and coarse phenol), crude benzene and its refined products (purified petroleum, toluene, and dimethyl benzene). it also has an annual production of 8,000 tons of sulfur ammonia products and an annual production of synthetic ammonia of 60,000 tons, which can be further processed into 120,000 tons of ammonium nitrate. its annual production of synthetic ammonia is 125,000 tons, which can be further processed into 200,000 tons of urea and 28,000 tons of methanol. annual production of hydrogen peroxide is 26,000 tons. it currently has three product series -- coking products, fertilizer, and chemical products -- many of which are exported abroad. the company has an integrated scientific research, production, sales, and marketing system and got its iso 9001 certification in 2003.

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add: 2 xiangyangdajie, fulaerji district, qiqihar, heilongjiang province

tel: 0452 – 8927437

fax: 0452 – 8927424

postal code: 161061


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