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the china haohua junhua group co, ltd is located in the city of zhumadian, henan province, in an area where there is an abundance of coal, petroleum, iron ore, and titanium ore and rapid economic development. it has a good geographic position with convenient traffic, via the beijing-zhuhai expressway, nanyang-fuyang expressway, the beijing-guangzhou railway line, and zhengzhou (xinzheng) international airport, only 180 kilometers away. it also has beautiful scenery at the chayashan scenic spot, with its “bonsai of the central plains”, boshan lake, and the tongshan scenic spot.

the company has put more than 40 years of effort into becoming a coal chemical producer of carbamide, ammonium bicarbonate, high-concentration compound fertilizer, carbinol, and melamine as its main synthetic ammonia products. in recent years, it has taken the opportunity to restructure its fertilizer companies for low-cost expansion and has had an annual growth of 40 percent by purchasing seven bankrupt companies and implementing technically innovative reforms to continue to expand. its gross assets amount to 3.5 billion yuan and it has nine subsidiaries, three branch offices, and one engineering center, with 4,000 employees, 2,000 of which have come from other companies and 860 of which are technicians.

the company can produce 750,000 tons of carbamide annually, 480,000 tons of ammonium bicarbonate, 600,000 tons of high-concentration compound fertilizer, 380,000 tons of carbinol, and 45,000 tons of melamine. it can also generate 300 million kilowatt-hours per year of electricity. its fertilizer output accounts for a quarter of the province’s total. the company has its own import-and-export rights and has iso9001 international quality system and iso14001:2004 international environmental quality certification. its “yima” brand carbamide of is a “national inspection-free product” and “famous china product”. the company ranks14th on the china nitrogenous fertilizer top 50 list and 89th on the china petrochemical industry top 100 list. it is also one of the province’s 100 key enterprises and one of its top 100 enterprises and is a provincial enterprise technology center and standardized enterprise.

it wss one of five coal chemical industrial bases to be a part of the “11th five year plan” one of nine chemical industrial bases chosen by the national chemical engineering group to be given priority in support and development. its “yima” brand carbamide and other high-quality chemical products with good after-sales service sell well in guangdong, hainan, zhejiang, and hunan provinces, and the guangxi region, and three provinces in the northeast and are exported to europe, the united states and southeast asia.

the company has a philosophy “based on honesty” for developing further and a strategy of “developing the central plains” looks to technical and managerial innovation to make its main business of carbamide, high concentration compound fertilizer and carbinol bigger and stronger, using its existing nitrogenous fertilizer production equipment.

it wants to take advantage of its existing production resources, management, talent, and technology and use them on more than 10 high-tech projects under the “11th five yearplan” to develop downstream chemical products with greater technical content and added value to extend the coal chemical industrial chain, with nitrogenous fertilizer and carbinol as the main business. it also wants to develop a circular economy and find new, sustainable economic growth points with a development strategy of “strengthening the company through reforms, developing the company through cooperation, and having a billion yuan in income within 10 years”.

the company plans to have sales of more than 10 billion yuan and taxes of 1.9 billion yuan and wants the group and a subsidiary to be listed, while establishing a leading domestic and international coal chemical industrial base and enters into china top 500 list in 2010. over the long term, with a mature chemical industry and a large amount of capital raised on the stock market, the company wants to look for industries with great market potential and development prospect, such as fertilizer, pharmaceutical intermediates, and new chemical materials and work for sales of 20 billion yuan and a large group with the chemical industry as its lead and reach its goal of “helping customers, repaying stockholders, enriching employees and benefiting society” in 2020.

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