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deyang haohua qingping linkuang co., ltd.


the deyang haohua qingping linkuang co, ltd was established by the china haohua chemical (group) corp (chc) and the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of deyang, sichuan province, out of the old qingping linkuang co, which was founded in 1964. the company is located in the northern part of deyang, a key industrial city on the chengdu plain and is a key national chemical mining company, with fixed assets of 0.28 billion yuan.

it covers a 40-km2 area and has more than 2,700 personnel. it has a yearly production of 1 million tons of phosphorus mineral rock, 10,000 tons of phosphorus mineral powder, 20 million woven plastic bags, 3 million kwh of electricity from hydropower, and has a 350,000-ton shipping capacity. it is the largest phosphorus mineral rocks base in sichuan province, with great phosphorus resources and the medium and high quality reserve of phosphorus minerals more than 32 million tons.

the company plans to focus on mines and mining and more development and will use advanced technology and scientific management, based on modern enterprise system requirements, to become a first-rate mine with annual sales of 500,000 yuan within a three-to-five year period.

contact us:

add: hanwang, mianzhu, sichuan province

tel: 0838-6102926

fax: 0838-6102927

post code: 618200


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