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the china haohua international trading co, ltd, founded in jan 2002, is a part of the china haohua chemical (group) corp (chc) and imports and exports chemical products. it has 30 million yuan in registered capital and assets of 480 million yuan.

the company has the managerial authority of suvervion over china’s chemicals. it deals with raw materials for the chemical industry, raw materials for medicines, chemical mining, light industry, textiles, dyes and intermediates, pesticide raw materials and intermediates, daily-use chemical product intermediates, chemical engineering technology and equipment, road construction machines, automobiles, electromechanical equipment, decoration materials, and construction materials.

the company. follows international trade rules closely and a “dedication, honesty, harmony, innovation” model to build a standard administrative structure and scientific risk-proof system. its values are stability, persistence, cooperation and excellence and it encourages its staff to build individual worth, in the business process. the company is committed to expanding its trade, improving service quality, and to professionalism and international management.

the company now. has trade contacts with foreign enterprises in more than 10 countries, such as the united states, korea, germany, and japan, as well as with hong kong and taiwan. it also has long-term, stable trade cooperation with many domestic enterprises.

and we place great importance on those long-term, benign cooperative agreements with chinese and foreign chemical engineering companies and hope to increase our friendship for mutual development and a winning approach to trade.

contact us:

add: 19 xiaoying rd, chaoyang district, beijing, china

tel: 86-10-58650266

fax: 86-10-58650166

post code: 100101


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