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the tianjin univtech co ltd was previously a packing factory for tianjin university, which was set up in 1976, and over the years has changed its name, first to the chemical separation technology and new packing development center of tianjin university, then the padding tower technology company of tianjin university, then the padding tower technology branch of the tian da tian cai co, ltd, and issued shares. in june, 2000, it became the tianjin univtech co, ltd., with its business falling mainly into two areas: chemical-t-t design, consultancy and research, the design and production of chemical engineering towers, and padding, trays and chemical engineering machines; the other area deals with design, research, production and sales of catalysts, delicate chemicals, and biological and environmental products. the company is popular around the globe for its technology and achievements in chemical separation. in 1990, china’s science and technology ministry declared the company a “research and promotion center for chemical padding towers and internals technology”. one of its project, the “effective padding tower with new tower internals” was recognized by the science and technology ministry as a key scientific and technological achievement under “the 8th five year plan” and “9th five year plan”.

the company has 58.8 million yuan in registered capital of and 15 billion yuan in fixed assets and has iso9001 international quality system. certification. it is strong in technology and research, has enormous potential, and has more than 30 patented products, and more than 30 technological awards at the national, provincial and ministerial prize, most of them having been commercialized. the company can produce more than 150 types of efficient tower padding and all kinds of tower internals and chemical engineering equipment. it has an automatic production line of mallepale padding and licensing from switzerland’s sulzerpumps co, which allows it to provide coordinated services in experiments, process calculation, design, production, installation, and start-ups. its technology is in use in more than 2,000 enterprises in oil refining, petroleum engineering, air separation, chemical fertilizers, light chemical engineering, coal chemical engineering, delicate chemicals, medicines, foodstuff; and in the distillation, assimilation, desorption, extraction, heat transfer and washing process of some industrial fields, including atomic energy. the company has also remolded and built more than 5,000 towers, the biggest of which had a diameter of 10 meters. it has also had several billion yuan in revenues.

univtech places the greatest importance on future development, a development strategy of “produce for one generation, research and develop for one generation, and reserve for one generation”, investing in technology, and reinforcing its brand advantages. it has some high-tech projects in catalysts and delicate chemicals at its bazhou branch. the products bring enormous economic benefits and the company has its own import and export authority.

the company has been praised for its technology, quality, reliability, reputation and first-rate services and will carry on in this way and provide the very best service for customers.

we’d like to cooperate with friends everywhere and work for brilliant, mutually beneficial achievements, while contributing to the development and progress of our nation’s chemical separation project.

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add: 171-1 anshan blvd w, nankai district, tianjin (north gate of tianjin university)

tel: 022-27404420

fax: 022-27401870

post code: 300072


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