vision: to be a distinct, first-class chemical producer.

first-class: the company’s goal is to build the first-class chemical enterprise and establish a top team and have the best economic benefits through scientific development and by settin up a leading industrial base with technical innovation, honesty, trustworthiness, and excellent management.

mission: to create value for the customer through our products and services.

products and services: this means basic as well as special chemical products and services in product r&d, technical guidance, and engineering and construction.

value: this means meeting the customer’s needs, something that has always been our major concern; by giving the customer a good impression with our products and services, we intend to create more value and benefits for both the customer and for society.

distinct: we can do this by making full use of our advantage in industrializing scientific and technological innovations and achievements, by consolidating and enlarging our application system with industry and r&d support, by establishing an industrial base with a sensible layout and upstream and downstream industrial chain, by building a fine chemicals industrial base with high added value that is supported by our own technology, by bringing in the most advanced techniques in the chemical industry world, by greater competence in manufacturing, fixed asset investment, marketing, and application development, by strengthen international operations through capital, organization, and human resources.

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