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overseas development

import and export trade

from 2008 to 2010, haohua corp’s total import and export volume added up to us$2.325 billion, us$1.58 billion of that in imports and us$745 million in exports.

strategic cooperation

haohua has cooperated with international chemical companies in technology, marketing, and resources, joining hands in s&t innovation and r&d and in applying the advanced technology and management techniques of multinationals.

● the chemical industry’s zhonghao chenguang research institute

the institute has extended the scope of cooperation with dupont in fluoro-rubber and has expanded its business from simple rubber to premixed and mixed rubber with high added value.

it has also started some top fluorine chemical projects with daikin industries, ltd, such as a specially modified polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf) resin series for fuel cells and air curing tetrafluoroethylene coating.

● the chemical industry’s liming research institute

this institute has a framework agreement with solvay, a prominent belgian chemical manufacturing company and the world’s largest hydrogen peroxide producer, and has cooperated extensively in the global promotion of hydrogen peroxide technology.

● marine chemical research institute

the institute is moving ahead with a marine coating project abroad.

technical transfers

the chemical industry’s southwest research & design institute

it has applied the following broadly: gaseous hydrocarbon reforming catalysts, low pressure methanol synthesis technology and catalysts, methanol carbonylation synthetic acetic acid, psa gas separation, dimethyl ether and catalyst production from methanol dehydration, hydrogen production from methanol decomposition, purification and comprehensive utilization of industrial gases, and coking benzene refining. these are used in nearly 2,000 chemical, petrochemical, food, metallurgic, mechanical, and military companies across china and exported to the united states, europe, and asian countries.

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