china haohua holdings co., ltd. (chc) has evolved from its predecessor china haohua chemical group co., ltd., a large wholly state-owned enterprise established in september 1994 under the auspices of the then ministry of chemical industry. after more than 20 years of development, chc has grown into an influential conglomerate in the chemical industry, which is driven by advanced technology and devoted to chemical mineral resources. with a registered capital of rmb4.22 billion, chc has 12 subsidiaries including seven research institutions, two mining enterprises and three trading companies. in 2014 it registered a total asset of rmb12 billion and a sales income of rmb7 billion, earning a profit of rmb600 million.

chc business consists of three major components: first, it is production of the company’s proprietary chemicals including organic fluorine materials, special coatings, electronic gas in which the enterprise tops the world in terms of technological level and production capacity; second, it is cutting-edge research and development at multiple fields of the chemical industry in china; third, it is professional delivery of excellent supporting services.

for the next stage of development, chc has clarified its strategic positioning to be a supplier of technology-enabled special chemicals and a service provider of engineering technologies. it will advance scientific development and international operations, march into the capital market, and gradually build itself into an internationally famous and domestically leading high-tech chemical conglomerate.

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