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project 2

project: luoyang junma 100,000-ton/year nitric acid and 250,000-ton/year nitrocompound fertilizer equipment

reference: hhjh-40-11-0418

title: non-standard processing equipment

tenderee: luoyang junma chemical co, ltd

not limited to strategic supplier

source of funds: bidder

size: annual yield of 100,000 tons of nitric acid and 250,000 tons of nitrocompound fertilizer

scope: non-standard processing equipment

bid package: 1) 41 pieces of concentrated nitric acid making equipment; 2) 46 pieces of ammonium nitrate making equipment; 3) 15 pieces of nitrocompound fertilizer making equipment

type of tender: public bidding

construction site: luoyang, henan province

date of delivery: 4 months from day of offer

qualifications: post-review

announcement of results:

bidders need to clearly note the packet no, contact phone number, and e-mail address.


the bidder will need a class-2 pressure vessel production permit and at least three years of production experience, with proof of products that have been used in china for similar nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, and compound fertilizer production or for other large enterprises, have contract experience, and be a registered supplier of the china national chemical corp.

contact information: luoyang junma chemical co, ltd

contact: liu faliang

tel: 13939937081

fax: 0379-68811546

e-mail: [email protected]

tendering agency: china national chemical equipment corp, tender center

contact: xu shaonan

tel: 010-82032137

fax: 010-82032509

e-mail: [email protected]

bidding documents: a bidder can sign up online to see a qualification review and wait to be notified by the china national chemical equipment corp’s tender center after the registration deadline.

notification date: oct 19, 2011

on-line registration deadline: oct 31, 2011

bid deadline: nov 15, 2011

notification deadline: nov 15, 2011

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