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  • chemchina science and technology fund the group established the chemchina science and technology fund in june 2005 to support technical innovation projects. the group has supported 36 projects including bluestar environmental engineering co ltd's waste water recycling technology in chloroprene rubber production, shenyang paraffin wax chemical co ltd's waste water biochemical treatment in production of high concentration high salt crylic acid and acrylic ester project, and made explorations in emissions reductions and clean development of the chemical sector by the end of 2010.
  • chemchina science and technology awards approved by the science and technology ministry, the company established the chemchina science and technology awards in october 2005 to award organizations and individuals for their contributions in chemical r & d, applications and the popularization of advanced science and technology achievements and completing major science and technology projects. the group gave 39 2009-2010 chemchina science and technology awards, including two first prizes, fourteen second prizes, twenty-two third prizes and first special prize.
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