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pirelli tops high-performance sports car user satisfaction list for three consecutive years
source: china national tire & rubber co., ltd. date: 2016-04-22

j.d. power recently released its 2016 us original tire customer satisfaction research results, which show that pirelli ranks the first on the high-performance sports car user satisfaction list for the third consecutive year.

founded in 1968 as an authoritative third-party market research and consulting company under the us mcgraw hill financial group, j.d. power provides customer satisfaction surveys, performance improvement solutions and related advisory services, renowned especially in the automotive, financial and it industries. in recent years, the company has been conducting product or service satisfaction research and evaluation based on the feedback information collected from millions of consumers.

over the past 7 years, pirelli has been high on j.d. power’s high-performance sports car user satisfaction list, topping the list in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. this year, pirelli’s overall score was 724, up from last year’s 693.

“sitting in the first place for three consecutive years is a great honor for pirelli.  to our pride, our tire products are once again recognized, the score is a record high and we have reaped the greatest satisfaction of south american users of high-performance sports cars,”  said pierluigi dinelli, chairman and ceo of pirelli south american company.

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