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aeolus multi-purpose engineering tires welcomed in europe
source: china national tire & rubber co., ltd. date: 2016-04-18


bauma 2016, or the 31st international expo of engineering machinery, engineering vehicles, construction machinery, mining machinery and parts, the largest event of the global engineering machinery industry, was held in munich from april 11 to 17.

the expo is the largest of the three major exhibitions of the international engineering machinery sector and known as the olympics of the industry. at the expo, aeolus tyre company showcased its self-developed engineering tires that are excellent in performance, advanced in technology and superior in quality. these tires were displayed on a number of exhibition stands for machinery manufacturers who attended the exhibition to select for their machines. today, the aeolus brand has entered the european mainstream market with a high profile and has been widely recognized by the european construction machinery industry.

this time, the exhibition stands of aeolus are located in the central area of the expo, exceeding all the previous events whether in terms of exhibition area or in terms of prominence of location. the conspicuous logo and the huge engineering tires attracted the attention of visitors, who stopped to talk with the aeolus exhibitors and signed with them a number of letters of intent for cooperation.  aeolus tire dealers in europe also came to the company’s exhibition stands and had in-depth discussions with the exhibitors to seek greater development of the brand in europe.

at present, aeolus 18r22.5-agp23 has been used by mainstream european machinery manufacturers including m.i. and m.o. during the bauma 2016 period, aeolus products were seen installed on these manufacturers’ machinery displayed both inside and outside the expo venue, and even used as exhibited tires for the powered axle technology jointly developed by sh and r.h. this marks that the aeolus brand has gained a share in the mainstream european market and the new technology market with its advanced technology, high product quality and increasing visibility.   

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