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guilin rubber machinery delivers new products to the “belt and road” market
source: china national chemical equipment co., ltd date: 2018-03-28

on march 26, high-performance 65-inch hydraulic vulcanizers and 75-inch mechanical vulcanizers independently developed by guilin rubber machinery were accepted by and delivered to the customer. shortly, they will be put into operation in the production line of a pakistan-based tire factory.

high-quality machines are recognized by the customer

the two types of vulcanizing machines, featured products indigenously developed by guilin rubber machinery, are evolved from mature models through continuous optimization of energy-saving high-efficiency vulcanizing machines over the years. they are simple and compact in structure, stable and efficient in operation, and safe and reliable for users. as such, they have been recognized and favored by customers in recent years.

in light of the customer’s production needs, the 65-inch hydraulic vulcanizing machine is also newly equipped with a special customized rear-inflation device, which meets the needs of customers to manufacture a variety of products and provide them with more intimate services.

expanding new market along the belt and road

the buyer this time is a new customer from pakistan. according to the actual demand of the user for production lines, guilin rubber machinery adopted the advanced project management model of kraussmaffei, a famous german company. risk control and milestone management were strengthened throughout the entire manufacturing process, in which project organization and coordination were highly efficient. in spite of a tight schedule, heavy tasks, and many other difficulties, production, assembly, and shipment of the products were completed on schedule.

specialized in the field of tire vulcanizing machines for so many years, guilin rubber machinery provides products and services for customers in accordance with their technical requirements and desired delivery schedule. it serves nearly 200 tire manufacturers across the world. with the advancement of the “belt and road” initiative in recent years, the company has doubled its efforts to expand markets in countries and regions along the belt and road and developed suitable equipment models according to the actual demand of local tire manufacturers, enjoying a good reputation.

“we have already served multiple partners in the countries and regions along the belt and road, including this new pakistani customer. we will improve the distribution of service outlets and provide users with more timely and higher-quality products and services,” said an official of guilin rubber machinery.

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