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bluestar machinery launches new heat exchanger to replace traditional products
source: china national chemical equipment corporation date: 2016-03-09


efficient and energy-saving twisting heat exchanger developed by bluestar equipment

the twisting cross-flow efficient heat exchanger in the 1.6 million tons per year hydrocracking equipment with independent intellectual property jointly developed by sichuan bluestar equipment co. ltd runs well at shandong lijin guangyuan pitch co. ltd. and has met the design requirements, receiving appraisal from the user.

technicians said that bluestar’s heat exchanger demanded only a small area and small amount of pipes, so that it could save energy and power costs.

put into operation in november 2015, this equipment fulfilled or even exceeded the design requirements on all indicators, and successfully replaced conventional shell-and-tube heat exchanger, achieving the targets of cost-efficiency, quick operation and energy conservation. the localization of this equipment was in line with national encouraging policies, and was critical for the development of china’s wound-tube heat exchanger and optimization of hydrocracking equipment. its use in ethylene, coal chemical industry and nuclear power can be extended.

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