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changsha institute gained engineering design award
source: china national bluestar (group) co., ltd. date: 2016-03-01

recently, the result of 2015 chemical industry excellent engineering reconnaissance & design award was announced, including 10 reconnaissance award winners, 21 design award winners and three construction award winners. the 100-thousand ton refined potassium chloride project of qinghai salt lake sanyuan potash fertilizer co. ltd., declared by changsha institute won the first prize of design award, and tianlang haifeng international center project won the second prize of construction award.

the 100-thousand ton refined potassium chloride project of qinghai salt lake sanyuan potash fertilizer co. ltd., designed and developed by changsha institute was among the key scientific and technological building projects of national eleventh five-year plan and qinghai province, and was accepted in february 2012. this project realized the goals of energy- and water-saving, consumption and emission reduction and comprehensive use of resources. by building the world’s first equipment using floatation tailings to produce industrial potassium chloride, this project raised resource comprehensive use rate of qinghai salt lake industry group by six percentage points, and raised industrial solid wastes comprehensive recycling rate from 57% to 63%, laying a new milestone for china’s sylvite technology. the achievement of this project has been applied to “qinghai salt lake effective use of low-grade and hard-to-develop sylvite project” as a major innovation factor, and the latter project won the second prize of 2015 national prize for progress in science and technology. the technique of “a method to produce potassium chloride with carnallite reverse floatation tailings", a key technology of this project, won 2014 china patent award of excellence.

tianlang haifeng international center, designed by changsha institute, has a site area of 17,428 square meters and an area of structure of 128,078 square meters. with 58 floors above the ground and three floors below the ground, the main building is the highest in zhuhai now. with reasonable plan and clear functional arrangement, proper internal and external spatial scale, natural integration with surrounding landscape and unique and artistic shape, it embodies the innovation in architecture. the project also involves smart system and dozens of energy-saving and water-saving measures to ensure the efficient use of energy and water.

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