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two laboratory competences of guangzhou institute were ranked first in china
source: date: 2018-01-12

guangzhou institute participated in the laboratory competence verification organized by certification and accreditation administration of china (cnca) and china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas) and its five competencies achieved satisfactory results. among them, the accuracy of “plastic charpy impact tests” was ranked first in 89 laboratories nationwide. the accuracy of “determination of non-volatile content in varnish” was ranked first in 29 chinese laboratories.

competency verification is conducted by cnca, cnas and competency verification services providers certified by them to access the competencies of participants according to pre-set criteria through inter-laboratory comparison. it is one of the two main evaluation methods used by cnca and cnas to evaluate laboratories. the verification results are an important basis for the determination of the testing competencies of a laboratory.

the results of the annual laboratory competence verification work are a powerful affirmation of the testing capacity of guangzhou institute and a direct proof of its leading position in the field of synthetic materials testing in china.

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