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adama unveils “chinese culture month”
source: date: 2017-09-26

adama, an israel-based company under chemchina, kicked off the “chinese culture month”, in airport city on september 25. yang xingqiang, general manager of chemchina and chairman of adama, attended the opening ceremony.

“this is the first time chemchina has held country-themed culture month activities at an overseas company,” said yang xingqiang. “chemchina owns then overseas enterprises, and half of their workforces are foreigners. so it is all-important to strengthen cultural integration, mutual understanding and communication. this is why we hold the cultural activities.” 

in celebration of “chinese culture month”, the adama building is full of chinese elements: lanterns and festoons, chinese calligraphy and paintings, folding fans, han chinese clothing, and many more. the “chinese culture month” demonstrates the splendid culture of china in its 5,000-year history and its modern development, bringing israeli colleagues close to chinese favors that blend antiquity and modernity, culture and nature, as well as inheritance and innovation. lanzhou noodles, a traditional dish in china, offers a feast to the tongue of israeli employees. they also give the thumbs up after tasting chinese black tea and green tea. some of them put on chinese traditional clothes, and pose for pictures with exquisite foldable fans in hand.

adama ceo chen lichtenstein said that since becoming a member of chemchina, adama has achieved rapid growth, and that is largely because the jewish culture and chinese culture have a lot in common. he pledged to further advance exchanges and integration to grow together with chemchina.

the “chinese culture month” will also feature a series of activities including lectures, to demonstrate the history, modern development and future of china to adama staff and present to them the time-honored chinese culture in all ways.

the country-themed culture month activities, as one of the most popular corporate culture programs of chemchina, are aimed at enabling chinese and foreign employees to get a better understanding of the history, culture, economy and culture of each other’s country, thus laying a good foundation for strengthening exchanges, collaboration and mutual help between enterprises at home and abroad. so far, the “italian culture month”, “french culture month” and “israeli culture month” have been held successively. other cultural activities are under way, including the culture salon, senior executives teach you foreign language program, and cross-culture outward bound.

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