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chemchina showcases new materials at innovation achievement exhibition of central enterprises
source: date: 2017-09-19

as an important activity of the 2017 national entrepreneurship and innovation week, the innovation achievement exhibition of central enterprises was opened in beijing on september 14 with the aim of implementing the new concept of development, carrying out the strategy of innovation-driven growth, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.   

at the exhibition, chemchina showcased some of its latest technical achievements in the field of materials science. an array of new chemical materials including fluorine, aramid fiber, carbon fiber, membrane, and silicon materials on display manifested chemchina’s efforts to practice the national strategy of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, its powerful technical innovation ability, and its contributions to the national economy and people's livelihood. some of these innovative new materials have been used in the manufacturing of china-made large aircraft, high-speed railway trains, and other major equipment.   

another highlight of the exhibition is central enterprises’ achievements in encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. to actively carry out the “internet ” strategy, chemchina has innovatively deployed its entire chemicals marketing and service platform on the public cloud, creating a concept of china chemical cloud. the cloud platform’s transaction data are displayed on the display boards in real time, showing the central enterprise’s leading position in service architecture, cloud computing, big data, and other technical aspects. so far, 111, 689 kinds of materials have been traded on the cloud platform.  

the exhibition is sponsored by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, with the participation of 101 central enterprises. it fully demonstrates their remarkable achievements made since the 18th cpc national congress in implementing the new development concept, carrying out the strategy of innovation-driven growth, realizing major technological innovation, improving quality and efficiency, accelerating transformation and upgrading, replacing the old kinetic energy with new momentum, and promoting the whole society in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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