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gerard deman won “2016 gold bull leadership award”
source: date: 2017-08-24

recently, the 19th china listed company gold bull ceremony took place in shanghai. mr. gerard deman, chairman of bluestar adisseo company, won the 2016 gold bull leadership award issued by china securities journal for his rigorous and reliable leadership style and his management philosophy of cultural integration.

gerard thanked china securities for its recognition. “since 2015, adisseo has been strengthening its cooperation with the government pursuant to chinese regulations. we have always dedicated ourselves to becoming a public company that share value with our investors. since 2015, we have distributed dividends of over one billion yuan. china is not only one of our production bases, but also one of our most important markets. in recent years, we have introduced world-class talents and cutting-edge technologies, products, industry standards and services to china, achieving great effects,” said gerard.

set up in 1999, china listed company gold bull award is an authoritative award for listed companies with most public trust in the capital market. the award winners for 2016 came from chairpersons or general managers of the selected listed companies for the award in the year, in accordance with industry status, corporate development and relevance between company leaders.

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