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the 27th bluestar international summer camp opens
source: date: 2016-07-20

on july 20, the 27th bluestar international summer camp opened, gathering overseas campers from 11 countries and over 800 chinese campers from across the country.

every year the 21-day summer camp draws children from around the globe to the bluestar family. this year, we have 880 campers with us in 18 sub-camps in 13 provinces and two municipalities directly under the central government. among them are 48 overseas campers who are children of our overseas employees in france, norway, australia, the united states and the uk, including eight children of our staff in krauss maffei that has been recently acquired by chemchina. campers from sub-camps in guangzhou, ruicheng and zibo as well as 18 campers from gulang county in gansu province, who receive assistance from bluestar, are also here in beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the summer camp.

chemchina deputy general manager lu xiaobao spoke on behalf of chairman ren jianxin at the opening ceremony. he said that the summer camp was growing along with the development of bluestar, and was becoming more and more international with the admission of campers from not only domestic companies but also overseas companies in france and australia; it's a window showing the image of bluestar to the rest of the world, a cultural brand for intergenerational communication and a key platform for cultural integration of chinese and foreign companies. he encouraged campers to make friends with each other and actively participate in summer camp activities to gain better understanding of bluestar's corporate culture and create a better future together.

bluestar ceo michael koenig hoped children from different countries and different cultural backgrounds would have a good time and learn more knowledge here by participating in activities such as the national theme day, "molecular republic" and friendly family day. he also hoped they would learn to respect, care about and help each other, and help spread bluestar's corporate culture to the world.

bluestar party secretary and executive deputy general manager wang dazhuang conferred the summer camp flag to the camper representative.

then chinese and foreign camper representatives spoke on the theme of this year's summer camp and expressed their expectations for the summer camp and their wish to learn more knowledge and grow up with other campers in it.

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