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bluestar silicones launches products to help build market share
source: date: 2016-07-11

bluestar silicones, an overseas subsidiary of bluestar company, has recently launched new products in succession to meet the needs of different markets. these include silcolapse c545, a new generation of defoamer, and bluesiltm water repellent spray.

at the asia pacific distributors convention held lately, silcolapse c545 made an amazing debut. it is a new generation of defoaming emulsion for preventing, controlling and eliminating foam in waterborne system; especially for foam treatment of metal working fluids or defoaming of pesticide formulations. what attracts the customers most is its high cost-performance and high stability. for the former, silcolapse c545 can reduce the cost of metal processing effectively, which increases its market competitiveness. compared to other silicone defoamers with low compatibility in metal cutting fluids, silcolapse c545 has better compatibility without affecting the transparency of fluids. for the latter, no precipitation or sediment will form in metal cutting fluids for long time, resulting in good defoaming effect with only 2‰~5‰ dosage. silcolapse c545 can be used separately or in combination with other types of defoamers, meeting various needs of customers in metal processing for foam control.

bluesiltm water repellent spray, another product the company has rolled out, is designed for the end market. it is made from silicone using a french proprietary fluoride-free technology. this non-toxic product has excellent water repellency and anti-fouling property. when applied to the surface of textile or leather, it will form a thin layer, protecting the material from the damages caused by water or rain. in addition, this water repellent spray takes advantage of the air permeability of silicone. without blocking the moisture or heat emitted from the human body, it will make the wearer feel comfortable. bluesiltm water repellent spray may be widely used on garment, outdoor gear, household articles, shoes, accessories, etc.

as a world-leading provider, bluestar silicones is committed to offering customers a complete range of silicone solutions. the introduction of silcolapse c545 reflects the research and development capacity of the company and its focus on custom-made products, which will assist it in further exploring the market of metal processing. drawing on the company’s rich experiences and patent technologies in textile and leather treatment, bluesiltm water repellent spray is safer and more environmental-friendly than like products. its strong market competitiveness will help bluestar silicones to build its presence in the end market.

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