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pirelli and fia signe new contract to promote road safety
source: date: 2016-07-06

recently, pirelli and fédé ration internationale del’automobile (fia) signed a new contract for a period of four years in support of the latter's road safety initiative.  the contract extends the duration of the existing cooperative relations between the two parties, including cooperation on the fia mobile conference and the fia sports meeting.  

according to the world health organization (who), traffic accidents have become the biggest cause of death for people aged 15-29 worldwide. by informing road users of the importance of observing traffic laws and regulations, the fia initiative is aimed to support the united nations' road safety action 2011-2020.

as a global partner of the initiative, pirelli will promote through its global business network fia's "ten golden rules" for road safety.   the company will also organize related training programs in conjunction with fia member clubs to enhance drivers' awareness of road safety.

working with pirelli in support of the road safety initiative helps spread road safety knowledge and good practices to the public and teaches road users to respect each other, fia president jean todt says.

pirelli executive vice president & ceo marco tronchetti says that safety is always one of the primary goals of pirelli.   while maximizing the technology content, working performance and driving pleasure of its products, pirelli always pursues the highest safety level, for the sake of both human beings and the environment.

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