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chemchina remains no. 1 in china’s top 500 chemical companies
source: date: 2016-07-01

a conference for releasing china's 2016 top 500 chemical companies and summit of large chemical enterprises on innovation and transformation was convened in the changshou chemical industry park, chongqing on june 29.  chemchina ranks no. 1 on the top 500 list.  in the year of 2015, the 500 strongest chemical companies reaped a total principal business income of rmb 4.798 trillion, up 10.4% from the figure of 4.35 trillion in 2014, accounting for 54% of the total principal business income of the entire chemical industry, 4.1 percentage points more than the previous year.   the development speed of the 500 enterprises is higher than that of the industry, marking that the chinese chemical industry has entered the era of large enterprises.

according to the statistics of china chemical enterprise management association (ccema), though the industry as a whole was under a double downward pressure in 2015, the top 500 companies maintained a relatively big increase in principal business income, and the threshold for entry into the top 500 list was elevated from rmb 1.778 billion in 2014 to rmb 1.84 billion in 2015.  among the 2016 top 500 chemical enterprises, four companies each achieved an annual sales income of more than rmb 100 billion in 2015, compared with the number of 1 in 2014, among which the foremost two companies attained a sales revenue in excess of rmb 200 billion; the number of enterprises with an annual sales income of rmb 50-100 billion, 20-50 billion and 10-20 billion was increased to 8, 10 and 8, respectively.     the trend is obvious that large enterprises are becoming larger and larger, attracting more and more resources, and occupying bigger and bigger market shares.

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