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chemchina releases 2015 sustainable development report
source: date: 2016-06-26

on june 26, the 2016 industrial sector corporate social responsibility report of china was launched at china national convention center. chemchina was invited to the launch ceremony and published its 2015 sustainable development report.

this is chemchina's sixth sustainable development report in a row. on its way towards internationalization, chemchina is paying growing attention to sustainable development and has gradually integrated advanced technological and managerial resources from overseas with domestic production and market resources to maximize the synergy effect of domestic and overseas branches. the report presents a holistic picture of how chemchina fulfills its corporate social responsibility from six dimensions: sound operation, s&t innovation, safe production, environmental protection, employee development and social harmony. it also contains features to show how chemchina closely follows the latest global trend of agrochemical development and the latest product and process innovation and keeps working to become a role model in providing sustainable agrochemical services.

the launch ceremony attracted the participation of representatives from chinese government departments, un industrial development organization, un global compact, un development programme and mainstream media organizations, with 91 companies releasing their csr report.

click to view chemchina 2015 sustainable development report.

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