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overall appearance of cnce represented by ssc at the tire technology expo 2018
source: date: 2018-02-24

“tire technology expo 2018”, renowned in the industry, was held in hannover exhibition center on february 20, 2018 (local time). the rubber machinery sales service center (hereinafter referred to as “ssc”) of cnce and kraussmaffei berstorff, guilin rubber machinery co., ltd., yiyang rubber & plastics machinery group co., ltd. and sino rubber machinery subordinated to it participated in the expo jointly and became the highlight there.

the tire technology expo is a prestigious professional tire technology exposition which has been held in 13 years so far, and is honored as “a grand meeting leading the development of the tire design and manufacturing industry in the world”. the exhibited products include rubber machinery and equipment, raw materials, auxiliaries and tire technology development and manufacturing equipment.

in 2017, cnce established ssc with a view to integrate all rubber machinery resources and channels in the world and make the great decision of globalized industrial distribution, so as to promote the integration and resource allocation better. it was the first time that ssc jointly participated in the expo. with the theme of providing high-quality, high-efficiency and high-precision digital and intelligent rubber machinery packages and system service solutions for the customers, it introduced the latest product technologies and solutions.

among them, the tandem internal mixer of yiyang rubber & plastics machinery group co., ltd. boasts more perfect rubber mixing quality and more precise temperature control compared with the traditional internal mixer, and the technical scheme for one-step intelligent rubber mixing developed based on it has been applied to seals and other rubber products. guilin rubber machinery co., ltd. can provide a complete set of tire vulcanizers from 42 inches to 210 inches, and is serving about 200 tire manufacturers in the world. sanming machinery always focuses on realizing the high efficiency and intellectualization of passenger vehicle tire vulcanizers. this overall appearance on the expo together with the famous enterprises in the global tire industry has greatly improved the brand influence of rubber machinery enterprises of cnce.

during the expo, an open day was held in kraussmaffei’s hannover factory. on that day, the customers were invited to visit the factory, closely view the equipment and exchange the business information. mr. wagner, general manager of ssc, introduced the establishment and business plan of ssc to customers from various countries and made the relevant press release. cai ting, general manager of cnce, also placed great expectations on the next development of ssc.

in 2018, facing the regular customers, ssc will gradually transform from the 1-way to n-way solution or production line integration scheme, so as to get rid of the red sea price war, strengthen and develop the mid-to-high end customers of passenger vehicle tires in europe, such as pirelli and michelin, and strive to increase orders by 10% year on year and by more than 10% in the high-end market. cnce rubber machinery enterprises will serve the customers jointly with kraussmaffei in the continuous projects such as product improvement, quality improvement and equilibrium in production.

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