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syngenta acquires nidera seeds business from cofco international
source: date: 2018-02-08

recently, syngenta announced to acquire nidera seeds business subordinated to cofco international (hereinafter referred to as nidera seeds).

nidera seeds, an important participant in latin american seed market, owns multiple crop varieties and peculiar germplasm resources bank, and related business mainly in brazil, argentina, uruguay and paraguay in latin america. such business capabilities will enhance the competitiveness of syngenta in seeds and bring more value for customers.

erik fyrwald, ceo of syngenta, said: “it is exciting to have nidera seeds led by andre·díaz become one part of our business. nidera seeds has outstanding germplasm resources, strong r&d channel and wide business scope. we welcome the nidera seeds team with great passion and capability to syngenta and expect the new team to make great achievements.”

wang zhiqiang, ceo of cofco international, said: “this transaction enables us to further strengthen attention to cereal, rapeseed and sugar. we believe that syngenta will continue business development to bring favorable results for all stakeholders.”

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