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chairman's page

dear friends,

welcome to the website of china national chemical corporation.

here you will get a general picture of what we do. since its founding, chemchina has kept a leading position in china's chemical industry with its high-quality products and services. meanwhile, we actively keep track of global trends and changes and look for partners from throughout the world. by 2020, chemchina will form a "3 1" industrial pattern, including material science, life science and environmental science, and aim to become a group with strong international competitiveness.

here you will learn about our efforts. in the pursuit of growing our business, we have been exploring sustainable development and making a positive commitment to social responsibility. in 2008, chemchina was the first company in china to propose a "zero-discharge" management strategy. we lead by example to promote energy-saving business practices, and have made a commitment to providing environment-friendly products to all our customers.

here, you can also enjoy our "chemical comics" and visit the "online chemical industry museum" for more information—features specially designed to inform and entertain you. from ancient bronze to the sustainable use of future resources, from daily necessities to the space shuttle, you may find here how closely the science of chemicals connects with our lives.

i, on behalf of all my colleagues, thank you again for your interest in and support for china national chemical corporation.

ren jianxin

chairman, china national chemical corporation

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